Party and Events

AThere are so many aspects to running a successful event—whether it’s a large sporting match, a community festival or a private function. Unfortunately, the enjoyment of the patrons can be ruined in a moment by a drunken fight or a stolen handbag. With a million things to worry about, you need to know that you have a pro-active, approachable, focused security presence safeguarding the welfare of your people and property.

Events have the unique challenge of a diverse, moving crowd base. With a focus on safety that is second to none, Brisbane Security Group Guards are trained to recognize risks and hazards and monitor crowd behavior, to minimise incidents before they escalate.

Strict procedures and guidelines are followed to ensure that all interaction with people, property and other emergency services is professional, outcome-focused and meets legislative requirements. Staff are regularly updated with the training in the latest surveillance & response techniques.

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With an increase in 'under 18 year old' parties spreading over social media in an instant, party hosts and parents are facing an increasing threat of their event being ‘gate crashed’. The need for a security presence is now a common reality, not a luxury, to ensure the safety of attendees and property.

Brisbane Security Group provides security, medical & events staff with Blue Cards to our sister company Boss Events. It's creating a new way to party - where people feel safe and remember a great time with their friends. Boss Events can provide the complete party package including catering, venue hire & entertainment, or can just be engaged for security and safety duties.

Our pro-active approach to party safety includes:

  • · Pre-event safety assessments;
  • · House rules;
  • · Enforced guest lists and controlled attendee numbers;
  • · Crowd behavior monitoring;
  • · And on-site, rapid medical response.