Crowd Control

Australia has a culture of social drinking and enjoying life to the max!

While most patrons show self control and restraint, there are many who ignore the impact that their drinking behaviour has on the people around them. This can ruin a night and your reputation, if an incident makes it onto the 6pm news!

Everyone deserves to go home safely, so Brisbane Security Group provides approachable, skilled, experienced staff to control and maintain a safe, peaceful environment.

Our crowd control staff are matched to ensure that they are a great fit within your team. They also undertake 'cultural and linguistic diversity' (CALD) training, to recognise diversity in patrons and venue staff, and be respectful of cultural differences while enforcing Australian laws.

You can expect a Brisbane Security Group Operations manager to visit your Brisbane site weekly to ensure that standards are being met, paperwork is in order and the Duty Managers are happy. Our Operations Managers are also available 24/7 for any urgent issues.

In addition to the standard industry requirements, Brisbane Security Group Security Guards (Crowd Control) are given the opportunity to undertake Advanced Security Officer Training, with an extra 4 levels of physical and verbal de-escalation skills. This gives our guards the edge in being able to contain and manage incidents prior to them getting out of control. All Brisbane Security Group Guards have a minimum of a Cert 2 Security Operations (including First Aid & CPR) and RSA.

Our documentation quality is second to none and includes:

  • A complementary venue induction plan, to ensure that all guards and duty managers understand the specific requirements of security in your venue as well as any Work Health and Safety requirements before they commence work.
  • A venue-specific security operations manual, including ongoing Work Health and Safety requirements and incident procedures (e.g. bomb threats).
  • Comprehensive, up to date operational documentation (e.g. timesheets, crowd control registers, maintenance reports and incident reports).


If you're looking for an approachable, pro-active approach to Crowd Control, that can be firm and effective when needed, give us a call now 1800 090 223!